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15 August 2009

The best cure

Someone told me
The best cure is to forget the pain and everything that causes the pain

Jadi, pe kata aku lupakan segala2nya pasal dia
Mcm senang jek bunyik..

Forget the pain.. forget it.. just forget..
Huh? What was i saying? What pain?
Oh, i can't remember.. What was that again..

i forget.. ke.. i forgot? whatever~

See? Senang kan?
"Kapoooff!!" Sume problem ilang.
Bagai jeritan suara di angin lalu
Hilang macam magick.


Rionix ~ ataupun aku langgar je kepala kt dinding kuat2 banyak2 kali. Mana tau tetiba ilang ingatan trus. Kan? Kan3?

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